I love to work in the dynamic field of java and web development, and have learned programming skills in many different platforms.

I have over seven years of professional web experience, and have worked with multiple agencies in my home of Switzerland. I’m a master of CSS and HTML5, and have worked in depth with Java, PHP, and jQuery. I also worked with various content management systems, including WordPress, Typo3, Magnolia, and more.

How I’m Working?

I prefer to work within the Fedora platform, and use Spring MVC and Codeigniter  as my frameworks. My editors of choice are Vi and Eclipse, and I’m also proficient in Photoshop and Fireworks for design elements.

My website design focuses on accessibility and elegance, so my savvy site designs are very easy to use, attractive, and intuitive. I have worked with web design agencies throughout Switzerland, and also take on my own independent projects.

If you would like to get in contact with me, you can reach me here by email at daniel@danielkueffer.com